The H2O Vac does everything your ordinary vacuum does plus so many more things that an ordinary vacuum can't do!

Before & AfterThe H2O Vac is no ordinary vacuum; it uses water as a filter, which means no more messy bags to change or annoying dust cups to empty - EVER!

Most vacuums with bags and filters begin to clog with dirt and dust the moment you start using them, ultimately losing suction and leaving the dirt and dust behind or worse, blowing it into the air you breathe, contributing to harmful indoor air pollution.

The H2O Vac takes cleaning to a whole new level, by virtually eliminating dust from circulating back into the air; the secret is in the advanced water filtration technology; dirt and dust is forced through a pool of water trapping it and preventing it from circulating back in to the air, cleaning your home AND the air around you at the same time.

Bowling Ball Test

Bowling Ball Test Bowling Ball Test Bowling Ball Test
H2O Vac H2O Vac Competitor
The suction is strong enough to lift a bowling ball. The 10 pd bowling ball is easily lifted after the H2O Vac sucked up dust. It did not clog, or loose power. The bagless vacuum could NOT pick up the bowling ball after sucking up dust. It became clogged, and lost its power.

Using the purification power of water the H2O Vac removes up to 99.97% of harmful pollutants, which means that virtually nothing escapes back into the room. The result - your home and the air you breather is cleaner, fresher and safer for you and your family.

Simply fill the chamber with ordinary water and you're ready to clean - it's like having a brand new filter every time you vacuum which means that you get unbelievable suction power EVERY time!

No change in settings is required as you move effortlessly, from carpet, to wood, to tile, to linoleum and the adjustable suction power setting means you can clean everything, from thick pile carpets for a deep clean, to delicate upholstery, like lampshades and figurines.

The H2O Vac's futuristic, light-weight and portable design, lets you clean way down low, underneath furniture and in all those nooks and crannies, places your regular upright can't go, and the telescopic wand gives added reach letting you clean way up high, on top of cabinets, ceiling fans and air vents all with a few simple clicks.

Foot PrintThanks to the H2O Vac's advanced water filtration system it sucks up wet spills in seconds, cereal and milk, melted ice-cream, even broken eggs and the shell! In fact it cleans virtually everything in its path from soup to nuts, wet and dry at the same time and when you're finished, just pour the dirt away. No more paper towels, wet cloths, dust pan and brush or getting down on your hands and knees… one product - the H2O Vac - does it all!

I have piece of mind with the H2O Vac because I have youngsters crawling along my carpets everyday. I wa

nt to know that they are clean. With the H2O Vac I know because I can see the water has trapped that dust & dirt. I am just amazed at the difference it makes.



Indoor air pollution is a lot worse than outdoor air pollution. Indoor air pollution can cause a lot of health problems. As a doctor, I would recommend the H2O Vac to people because so many of the health problems I see everyday are cause by indoor air pollution. Dusts that are caused by conventional vacuum cleaners. By using the H2O Vac you are not only avoiding the production of these new dusts, but, your actually cleaning the air you are vacuuming.

Dr. J. Pronk ND


My old vacuum cleaner was so difficult to manage on the stairs. But with the H2O Vac it's so light weight, you can carry it up the stairs, no problem, and it's just a treat to use.



I find the H2O Vac is unique in the fact that it has the option to adjust the suction power. If I put the low suction power on, I can vacuum the lamp shades, the curtains, and the nick knacks on the shelves.



The best thing about the H2O Vac is the water trapping all that dust. All your getting is clean air coming out of your exhaust. Your not getting any dust, your not getting any odors. It's just fresh clean air.



I have allergies, and my old vacuum just aggravated them. I used to get watery eyes and scratch throat, and I used to sneeze a lot. But with the H2O Vac I never get these allergies anymore. I just have to say it cleans up better than my old vacuum.



I've actually noticed a difference with the H2O Vac. It's cleaner in my house, a lot less dust in the air, a lot less dust on surfaces. It's the best vacuum cleaner I have ever used.



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What's Included:

  • 1 x Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner
  • 1 x Real US rated HEPA filter
  • 1 x Flexible hose with hose attachment
  • 1 x Telescopic metallic tube
  • 1 x Crevice tool
  • 1 x Upholstery brush
  • 1 x Standard Vacuum Attachment Head
  • 1 x Instructional Manual
  • 1 x Nonwoven Storage Bag
  • 1 x Floor Squeegee

Benefits and Features

  • Cleans the air as well as your floors and carpets
  • Has a triple stage AERO Filtration System that works to catch microscopic particles and air impurities such as dust, bacteria and other allergens.
  • It's a powerful 1200 watt vacuum that combines a Sponge Filter, a powerful ULTRA Filter and ordinary tap water.
  • It's easy to use and environmentally friendly.
  • A convenient bagless design
  • Suction control allows you to clean everything from delicate drapes and throw rugs to deep pile carpet
  • It cleans both dry and wet messes.
  • The suction never gets bogged down because there is no bag or dirt cup to get full.
  • The water filtration gives you continuous cleaning power.
  • It uses water to filter and contain dirt.


Easy to carry!
Lighweight and easy to carry around the home!
Just add ordinary water!
Just add ordinary tap water and you're all set!
Handy Storage Bag
The H2O Vac comes with a handy storage bag!

Hard to reach areas


Q & A

Yes, you can occasionally vacuum up cracked glass, screws, and other sharp objects, but heavy use in this fashion could damage the hose.

Vacuum cleaner is both wet and dry, but should not be used in conditions where vacuum unit itself is in water or extremely wet area. Remember, it is an electrical appliance.

Hepa Filter - needs to be replaced every 4 - 6 months with regular use.

4 Step Filtration:

Step 1
Inlet nozzle vacuums all polluted air into high capacity water tank.
Step 2
The air goes thru the "suction tube" and immerses into the water, all dirt particles are trapped in the water.
Step 3
Filtrated air passes thru the sponge filter 1&2
Step 4
The air goes thru the HEPA filter which releases air free of fine dust, bacteria or allergens