NO Streaking - NO Mess!

Sweep'N Mop is the only mop in the world that sweeps and mops at the same time.
You are guaranteed professional cleaning in half the time.
Whether you push or pull, the dirt, dust and debris gets trapped along the ridges every time, leaving you clean, beautiful floors in just seconds!


Steps it would take without Sweep 'n Mop
Steps with Sweep 'n Mop
First you need to sweep to collect the loose dirt.
Then you need to mop to remove the stuck on dirt.
Only 1 step needed with the Sweep 'n Mop.

You can clean any mess on any floor surface.


Cleaning the mop head is easy.

Place it under running water and dirt, hair and grime just glides right off.

Unlike sponge and string mops,
Sweep 'n Mop acts like a water magnet, soaking up liquid with no dripping!

What comes with The Sweep 'n Mop:

2 x Deluxe Sweep'N Mop with purple handle and replacement head
2 x Mini Mop with purple parts & purple head
4 x Chammy without mesh. - purple
+ 1 x Instructions - English


I love this mop because it's fast, it's convenient, it's super absorbant. It is easy to use. It's simply a must for every mom."

I love this mop.


I've tried pretty well every mop on the market, but nothing compares to Sweep 'n Mop.

It's hastle free moping.

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